Incredible Japanese Love Doll Brothels

Japan. I really love this amazing and crazy country. I may work in the love dolls industry, however Japan never stops to surprise me. The people, the culture, the products. Everything seems so special.

As you may know, Japan is the country where people are the most aware of love dolls. In Japan, most people know what a sex doll is, and dolls in general are extremely famous. Even granny seems to know what is a love doll and how people use it!

Japanese Love Doll Brothels are very special places in Japan where you can rent a doll for a limited time in order to have sex with her. As the name implies, it is like a brothel, but instead of regular girl, you have real love dolls. I already heard about these sex dolls brothers, but until recently, I had always thought that these places where quite rare, but in a recent article I have discovered that actually it was booming in Japan.

I am all the more surprised because sex dolls are generally a very private thing, and Japanese are famous for being extremely clean. So I really wonder how Japanese men can tolerate to share dolls with other guys and be ok with that. Anyway, it is part of the culture apparently, so I wanted to talk about this interesting Japanese specificity.


  • Yes Japan is always at the first when it comes to adapting to something, but I dont know they would do the same thing with sex doll but if somebody have to go open with sex doll surely Japan will be the first one to do this.

  • my-doll says:

    This is right that Japan always have a upper hand on this industry and they always tend to come with new ideas. So it will be interesting to see what next they come up with.

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