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Hitomi is a 20 years Japanese girl, and she studies psychology at university. She lives in Osaka, a nice city of western Japan touted for its relaxing lifestyle.

Hitomi is a gourmet. She love good food. Sushi, Sashimi, miso soup, she love them all. After she finishes eating, her voracious appetite find a new expression under the form of an acute sexual excitement.

In the afternoon, back in class, she struggles to conceive her level of arousal. Her teacher mistaken the cause of her high pitch sounds for a headache, as she pretends, but Ushiro, one of her male classmate, does not. He takes advantage of the pause to bring Hitomi to a hidden corner of the college library and give her the release she so desperately needs.

Hitomi promiscuous behavior is not limited to her male classmates. With her classmate and best friend Saori, after class she enjoys exploring the joy of same-sex pleasures.


Hitomi is a premium Japanese sex doll.

Her 3 holes allows for any kind of sexual intercourse: oral, vaginal and anal. Each hole feels as tight and smooth as a real woman: you will not notice the difference.

Because her body is made out of a very high quality silicone, the feeling when touching her skin is absolutely amazing.

She also has a very beautiful face. For sure, she would make a lot of women envious.

She has a petite woman figure, and our customers praised her for having the ideal dimensions.

If you want to make her have poses, it is totally possible thanks to her rigid metal skeleton. Just make her stand like you want, and she will stay put.

Technical Specifications

Hitomi is a japanese realistic doll made with a silicone body and a steel frame to allow her to hold pose. Her face look amazingly realistic. Discreet shipping.

  • Height: 5ft 2in (157cm) – including head
  • Weight: 53lbs (24kg) – only body parts
  • Bust: 29.9in (76cm) – B-Cup
  • Under bust: 25.2in (64cm)
  • Waist: 22in (56cm)
  • Hips: 33in (83cm)
  • Shoe size: U.S. size 5.5-6 (23-25cm)
  • Metal skeleton
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Include underwear
  • Include repair kit
  • Include fingernail kit

Each doll will come with its protection cover.

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  1. Albert

    Nice doll.

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