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Riri is a 19 years old Japanese girl. She graduated from highschool last year and decided not to go to college to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer.

She still lives with her family and young brother in a middle-class house, in Nagasaki, Japan. Her big brother, Akira, is studying at a prestigious university in Tokyo, and Riri's parents are very proud of him. Riri, however does not get much attention.

She had some boyfriends previously, but none of her past romance ever became too serious. Riri prefers to gives her first night to the right man. Yes, Riri is still virgin. Some of her classmates mock her for it, but Riri does not really care. She has a strong and balanced personality, and knows what she wants.

Are you interested in taking Riri's virginity?


Riri is a Japanese real doll manufactured in Japan by Orient Industry, the leader of luxury Japanese sex dolls.

Riri can be used for oral, vaginal and anal sex. Each hole has been carefully designed to provide the same sensations as with a real woman.

She has a metal skeleton. Riri can stand in any position.

Riri's skin is made out of a high grade sillicone, engineered to feel as smooth as a real woman.

Her shape and face are both magnificent: she is a true work of art.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 5ft 2in (157cm) – including head
  • Weight: 53lbs (24kg) – only body parts
  • Bust: 29.9in (76cm) – B-Cup
  • Under bust: 25.2in (64cm)
  • Waist: 22in 56cm
  • Hips: 33in (83cm)
  • Shoe size: U.S. size 5.5-6 (23-25cm)
  • Metal skeleton
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Include underwear
  • Include repair kit
  • Include fingernail kit

Each doll will come with its protection cover.

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2 reviews for Riri

  1. ian roger bowyerbower

    I think she looks perfect and is my choice when I buy my first doll

  2. Max

    Wow I have been blowed away by this lovedoll !!!!
    Do not let her in your living room alone, go away and come back, because when you come back you will really freak out cause you will think there is an actual PERSON sitting there !!!

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